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We build CPG brands into retail winners.

We work 1:1 with select CPG startups to help them grow their sales, go-to-retail, and succeed.

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Product & Prosper

The boutique retail growth program.

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The Prosper Lab

The boutique Faire growth agency.

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The Retail Lab

Your retail support community.

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Going to retail is hard.

Staying in retail is even harder.

90% of emerging CPG brands fail off shelf completely. The other percentage find themselves paying a broker for little to no results.

So, when you have dreams of Erewhon, Target, Whole Foods, how do you become savvy and smart about your retail growth so you actually get there, stay there, and grow as a brand?

And better yet, how do you become one of those magnetic brands, like Graza, Midday Squares, and Deux, that buyers actually go seek out to put on their shelves?

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We can't just be the brands that go to buyers. We have to become the brands buyers *want* to bring in.

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A few of the retailers we’ve helped CPG brands land and manage, include:


We work 1:1 with CPG brands to become the brand buyers *want* to bring in.

Going to retail should build your brand and sales, not crush your margins (or your hope). That's why we've broken down scaling a CPG startup into its basic building blocks and work 1:1 with you to assemble them to make growing your biz and going-to-retail just that much easier.


Stand out in your category + build the foundational pieces for retail success.

Become confident in your knowledge of how retail works and assemble the strategic foundational pieces for success in retail and beyond.


Build your Retail Resume™ + make your brand magnetic.

Assess your brand holistically and build out the credibility, cash flow, and capability for going to retail successfully.


Get more money coming in + land those first retailers.

Create the process, plan, materials, and workflows to boost sales and nurture reorders from customers & retail buyers.


How we can help you:

#1: The Bootcamp


Go-To-Retail Program

The 90-day bootcamp to gain sales traction + land your first retailers.

What we cover: 

Business Vision & Goals + Category Audit + Competitor Audit + Mini Brand Guidelines + Sampling Event + The Retail Resume Build + Increasing DTC Sales Boosts (Landing Pages, Sales Funnel) + Increasing Independent Retailers (Sell Sheet, Faire, Outreach) + Pitching to Chain Retailers (Messaging Map, Promo Plan, Pitch Deck, Chain Anchor Account, Buyer Meetings, Retail Marketing & Velocity Plan) + 1 Year Game Plan

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#2: The Accelerator


Retail Growth Program

The 6-month ongoing retail advising for Product & Prosper Program clients to help you continue scaling sales + increasing velocity.

What we cover: 

Building Your Retail Resume (Cash, Credibility, Capability) + DTC Sales Build Out ( Customer Journey Map, DTC Sales Funnel, Sales Events, High Converting Landing Pages, Email Marketing Funnel) + Independent & Alternative Retail Sales Build Out (Finding & Training a Sales Rep, Scaling Faire, Scaling Outreach System & Process) + Chain Retail Sales Build Out (Pitching, Buyer Meetings, Trade Shows, Retail Marketing Execution) + Finding, Training, Managing Distributors, Sales Rep, Brokers

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Hi, I'm Caroline 👋

I'll be on your team.

  • Founder & CEO
  • Go-to-Retail Strategist for CPG
  • Ex-B2B Sales Rep
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Graphic Designer
  • Award-winning poet & novelist

I've spent 6+ years developing branding, marketing, and sales strategies for startups in CPG, wine, autonomous vehicles, insurance, software, big data, and wellness.

Now, I'm passionate about empowering emerging CPG brands like yours to... well, create a product & prosper.

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