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We build CPG brands into retail winners.

We help CPG brands stand out in their category, scale their sales, go-to-retail, and WIN.

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Product & Prosper


The boutique retail growth program.

We work 1:1 with select CPG brands to help them go-to-retail + succeed.

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The Prosper Lab


The boutique Faire growth agency.

We help brands get more traffic, orders + grow their sales on Faire.

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The Retail Lab


Your retail support network.

Join 300+ brands + retail experts talking all things getting on shelf & off it.

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Going to retail is hard.

Staying in retail is even harder.

90% of emerging CPG brands fail off shelf completely. The other percent find themselves paying a broker for little to no results.

When you have dreams of Erewhon, Target, Whole Foods, how do you become savvy and smart about your retail growth so you actually get there, stay there, and grow as a brand?

And better yet, how do you become one of those magnetic brands, like Graza, Midday Squares, and Deux, that buyers actually go seek out to put on their shelves?

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Go-To-Retail Program + Faire Growth Team + Retail Support Community

From going-to-market, getting up and running on Faire, to landing your first chain retailer, and scaling nationwide -‚Äď we're here to¬†see you succeed while selling wholesale.

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Hi, I'm Caroline ūüĎč

I'll be on your team.

  • Founder & CEO
  • Go-to-Retail¬†Strategist¬†for CPG
  • Ex-B2B Sales Rep
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Graphic Designer
  • Award-winning poet & novelist

I've spent 6+ years developing branding, marketing, and sales strategies for startups in CPG, wine, autonomous vehicles, insurance, software, big data, and wellness.

Now, I'm passionate about empowering emerging CPG brands like yours to... well, create a product & prosper.


Let's Go-To-Retail & Win

What are your hopes, dreams, worries, fears, secret visions? We want to hear ‚Äď and then help you get there.

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