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The 90-day incubator program helping CPG brands go-to-retail & win.

We help brands land that first chain retailer ‚ÄĒ and get retail opportunities coming to them.

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We've got one shot to do retail right.

We can either fly off shelf, flounder on shelf, or fail off shelf. And if we’re part of the 90% that fails off shelf, then it’s more than likely we won’t get back on. 

¬†At Product & Prosper, we build brands into retail winners. We work 1:1 with emerging CPG brands to navigate the complexities of retail, creating the actionable positioning, pitch, and plan, then helping guide them to execute it ‚Äď so they can go-to-retail and WIN.

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How we help brands grow in retail:



Go-To-Retail Program

The 3-month incubator to gain sales traction + go-to-retail.

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Retail Growth Advising

For clients: the 6-month ongoing consulting to scale sales + increase velocity.

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PRODUCT Go-To-Retail Program


The 90-day program to help you go-to-retail & win.


Refine your positioning to stand out in your category.

Understand the retail landscape, refine your positioning to attract customers & buyers

What we cover: 

+ Setting Retail Sales Goals
+ The Retail Landscape
+ Category & Competitor Audits
+ Value Proposition & Elevator Pitch
+ Product & Packaging Sampling


Craft the strategy + sales pitch to land buyer meetings.

Define your retail growth strategy, pitch, sales materials, and outreach playbook to get buyers to reply & order.

What we cover: 

+ Retail Growth Strategy Build
+ Sales Pitch Build
+ Outreach Messaging Playbook
+ Line Sheet
+ Sell Sheet
+ Retail Pitch Deck
+ Buyer Meetings


Execute the plan to get on retail shelves + stay there.

Optimize your digital sales workflow and build the retail marketing plan to succeed on-shelf.


What we cover: 

+ Category Reviews
+ Faire, Mable, RangeMe Optimizations
+ DTC Retail Sales Support
+ Retail Sales Process Optimization
+ Retail Marketing & Promo Plan Build


Accelerate your growth into retail.

When we have the right positioning, the right pitch, and the right plan, we’ll feel it.

When the work is done, we'll see: 

  • Your sales and reorders increase from buyers & customers
  • Your online conversion rate¬†go up
  • You win awards and get media placements
  • You go into meetings with buyers confidently
  • You have buyers coming to you
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PROSPER Retail Growth Advising

We continue working 1:1 with Product & Prosper clients, focused on scaling sales + increasing velocity in retail, covering topics like:

  • The Retail Resume & Pitch Build Out: Cash, Credibility, Capability
  • DTC Sales Funnel Build Out: Customer Journey Map, DTC Sales Funnel, Sales Events, High Converting Landing Pages, Email Marketing Funnel
  • Independent & Alternative Retail Sales Build Out: Finding & Training a Sales Rep, Scaling Faire, Scaling Outreach System & Process
  • Chain Retail Sales Build Out: Pitching, Buyer Meetings, Trade Shows, Retail Marketing Execution, Increasing Velocity
  • Finding, Training, Managing Distributors, Sales Rep, Brokers

From those on the other side.

Art of Sucre

"Caroline has 100% changed the game for the entire Art of Sucre team on our wholesale and sales strategy, and I cannot sing her praises enough!"

‚ÄstEmily Harpel, Art of Sucre

Daydream Dessert

"Caroline is on top of it and organized. She was great at setting up the foundational structure for growth!."

‚Äď Emma Nelson, Daydream¬†Dessert

Punch'd Energy

"We leveled up with Caroline! Thank you for helping us get here. Our presentation to Retailers has never been better. You made us think different and we appreciate it more and more every day."

‚Äď John¬†Pinelli,¬†Punch'd Energy


"We used the Product & Prosper Program to educate ourselves, strategize our target retailers, and most importantly, get down those nitty gritty details of semantics, messaging, and timing to succeed in retail. I would definitely recommend undergoing the process, learning, asking questions."

‚ÄstDavid Yeh, KODU & CO

Love Salut

"For emerging CPG brands ready to conquer retail, I wholeheartedly recommend Caroline. Her copywriting finesse and "Product and Prosper" are a dynamic duo that transforms your retail approach. With Caroline, you gain a partner committed to brand excellence."

‚Äď Hannah Matthew Martinez, Love Salut

Sip Herbals

"Caroline's 'Product and Prosper' program is a game-changer for emerging CPG brands. It's a treasure trove of insights and strategies, acting as a guiding light through retail's complexities. This meticulously designed program empowers you with tools and confidence, covering everything from growth strategies to standout sales pitches. What sets Caroline's program apart is its practicality. For emerging CPG brands ready to conquer retail, I wholeheartedly recommend Caroline. Her copywriting finesse and "Product and Prosper" are a dynamic duo that transforms your retail approach. With Caroline, you gain a partner committed to brand excellence."

‚ÄstKelly Raulerson, Sip Herbals

MńĀla Girl

"Caroline is a MUST HAVE for any emerging brand that wants to get into the retail space SUCCESSFULLY. I'm confident all founders have the dreams of being multi-million dollar companies and being on store shelves nationwide, but what does that look like and how do you get there? Caroline will help you build the solid foundation needed to build the brand of your dreams. She is 10 out of 5 stars!"

‚Äď Raechel Barfield,¬†MńĀla Girl

Paktli Foods

"Caroline helped me so much. The content in her program is very useful and pertinent, simplifying complicated concepts and ideas. She guided me through changes needed for my new packaging with my designer, and she helped me¬†optimize all of my¬†messaging¬†‚Äď on my website, sell sheet, Faire, and pitch deck ‚Äď so Paktli looks and sounds professional and retail-friendly. I learned so much and wish I could continue learning from her!"

‚ÄstSeena Chriti, Paktli Foods

Maker Milk

"I had the pleasure of working with Caroline to develop our retail strategy. Her expertise was invaluable in planning our go-to-market strategy, providing clear direction and numerous examples to excel in retail. The program's gross margins calculator, accounting for trade spend, distribution costs, and COGS, offered a comprehensive view of our financials. We gained surprising insights and learned key aspects previously overlooked. For anyone new to retail or launching a product, Caroline's course is incredibly beneficial, equipping our brand to thrive in this competitive industry."

‚Äď Clarissa Mackay,¬†Maker¬†Milk

Desert Dust

"Caroline's Product & Prosper Program has been a turning point in our brands progression. The program's foundations are crucial for any small brand, no matter what experience you bring to the table. It leaves no stone unturned and enables you to clearly pinpoint areas that need action. Caroline's has an incredible ability to analyze where you are in your brands journey and strategically plan and tackle tasks that impact areas of growth in the short and long term. We are so lucky that we crossed paths when we did!"

‚ÄstRhiannon Cooper, Desert Dust

Pachamama Fermented Foods

"Caroline has been a consistent support system, offering quick ideas to navigate and pivot. Her strategies for forward momentum and identifying focus areas have been invaluable. She's adept at overcoming roadblocks, shaping directions for business expansion, and most importantly, she's been a great partner in accountability, helping to see other options and possibilities even when quitting seemed like the only choice."

‚Äď Liliana Orozco,¬†Pachamama Fermented Foods

Proof Puddings

"Working with Product & Prosper helped me to refine my go to retail strategy, update my brand's cohesion and packaging, get interest from a distributor to help get into a multi-store local chain retailer, as well as create helpful materials like my sell sheet, outreach templates, and retail presentation. Caroline was really helpful in bouncing ideas around, looking over emails to and from retailers, and sharing industry resources she thought would be helpful. Overall, the program was helpful in setting up the pieces I will need to enter retail!"

‚ÄstTalia Sag, Proof Puddings


"AMAZING PROGRAM, AMAZING SERVICE. This is a MUST HAVE process for any CPG start ups!!" I LOVED how organized Caroline was and how we always had action items clearly outlined for our brand, and for her.¬† I learned everything about wholesale, allowing us to manage it ourselves‚ÄĒa great investment. Results? We got into several small chain stores (20-60 locations) and, as well as becoming a winner of Purina's 2024 Pet Care Innovation Prize. We have a pitch deck, sell sheet, and products ready for retail. I cannot express how thankful I am to Caroline for teaching me the in's and out's of wholesale. For my new brand, it was WORTH EVERY PENNY!!"

‚Äď Samantha McConnell,¬†RYERCAT

Seeductive Foods

"I really enjoyed the one-on-one aspect of working through the program. As a solo entrepreneur, plagued with decision fatigue, our weekly meetings were incredibly helpful to talk through ideas or strategy. Caroline helped me nail down my brand positioning and messaging for retail sales, and after the program, I had a script to reach out to buyers. This led to an increase in interest, especially on Faire, and opened doors with major retailers. I gained confidence in my approach to selling and speaking with buyers. Plus, Caroline is a great cheerleader and felt like I finally had a teammate. I got my money's worth and would recommend others to work with Caroline!"

‚Äď Meghan Barbera,¬†Seeductive Foods

LL's Kitchen

"Caroline helped us outline where our business is at, where we want it to go, and get super clear on a vision and accurate expectations. Our sell sheet and target market outline were the most helpful. Her attention to detail and "go getter" attitude helped us stay on track to reach our goals. I enjoyed getting her expert opinion on necessary steps for OUR business and all the insight about the industry and learning how things work within the world of CPG products."

‚ÄstLindsey Mifsud, LL's Kitchen

Let's Go-To-Retail & Win

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